Your guests

are also our.

We have created innovative collections, with an evocative image, with presence and personality, through formulas, aromas, attitude and image that allow to satisfy the needs of its guests and surpass their expectations.


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Natural freshness

TULIPAN® brings all the freshness and essence of the Dutch tulips and the natural mint to the bath.

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Simple and sophisticated elegance.

We have assembled the elements of nature to make a modern collection with a contemporary presence.

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It's time to take a break.

In Tea Leaf ® We have developed a fragrance that introduces the attractive sensations of freshness.

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Fresh collection with its image and fragrance, Bresca®, based on the concept of the honey bee, natural tree elements and the colorful fall foliage.

Revitalize yourself with the nuances of life.

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Ancestral Wisdom.

Almond and Olive® Inspired by the ancient wisdom that represents today and the future.

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Mystic Elegance.

Lavarino Cosso® is a collection inspired by the Italian Piedmont and its mystical forests.

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Exquisite care for your guests.

A collection designed especially around its active ingredients and its presence, Biogena® is the reflection of the careful selection of restorative ingredients, providing the experience of special care and attention that your guest deserves.

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Generous art of indulging.

CAVA® is a collection specially created to share the benefits of Vinotherapy with your guest.

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It is a recognized brand in the retail market, made in a traditional way in rural areas of our country.

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Send them a message of appreciation.

Providing customers with accessories on the dressing table, sends a very clear message to your guests.

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Luxury is felt in the detail.

Make him feel confident with his unforseen needs, detailing the attendance to your guest, with the minimum complements.

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We wish to be part of your projects!

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